James Mageary


A absolute audiophile and fanatic for the most groundbreaking systems, Matts focus on the little details in every bit of audio results in a systems that rival professional studios.

Matt Hipps

Sales Manager

Phone: 1-928-556-8700

A absolute audiophile and fanatic for the most groundbreaking systems, Matt has a focus on the little details in every bit of audio, resulting in a systems that rival professional studios.

Kraig Kinnard

Install Technician

With over 25 years of mechanical experience in the industry of vehicles, boats, ATV's, and Motorcycles, Mr. Kinnard is a veteran of the automotive industry. If it has an engine in it, you can trust the Kraig Kinnard with it.

Nicodemus Grace

Car Audio and Accessory Sales

Phone: 1-928-556-8700
A car enthusiast for over a decade, cars have been a passion that Nic has described as "dangerously addictive". Whether making your car rocking loud or helping to install the new power steps you wanted, he will ensure you are happy.


Jim Seamen

Cruise America Manager

Phone: 1-928-440-5088 

A fervent aficionado of football/soccer, Jim stands as your ultimate resource for orchestrating any Cruise America RV rentals, enabling you to traverse the nation in unparalleled elegance and comfort.

Our team

At Sounds Good Mobile, our commitment extends far beyond mere expertise in 12V electronics for automobiles, boats, and power sports. We pride ourselves on being a dedicated team, wholly focused on delivering unparalleled service and crafting unparalleled experiences for each of our valued customers.

Comprising passionate and highly knowledgeable individuals, our team boasts an insatiable love for all facets of audio and automotive realms. We remain steadfastly attuned to the ever-evolving landscape of industry trends and cutting-edge technology, ensuring that we are poised to provide optimal solutions tailored to our customers' specific requirements.

Our expertise extends across a comprehensive spectrum, including specialized proficiency in Carplay Radio installations, Radar Detectors, Engine Wiring, digital sound processors (DSP), and real-time analyzing tuning (RTA). Whether it's optimizing in-vehicle entertainment systems or enhancing driving safety through radar detection, our team possesses the acumen and resources to deliver exceptional results.

With a steadfast commitment to excellence and an unwavering dedication to staying ahead of the curve, Sounds Good Mobile stands ready to elevate your automotive experience to unprecedented heights.